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Down the Okanagan we have Vernon (British Columbia, Canada), a medium size town next to the lake. It has a lot to offer, big city, lots of biking and hiking, lakes to swim or walk around, etc... Stop by the information center and ask for maps of the areas.   

Here you have our recommendation list:

What to do?

If you wanna swim there is plenty of places to go in Kalamalka lake, its like a beach with a sand shore where you can lay down with your towel and take the sun. 

More info for public beaches:

And if what you feel is have a chilling beautiful walk go to Polson Park, its a garden walk around a creek surrounded by green grass,  Japanese gardens, willows, ducks, gazibos, flowers, etc... all really well maintained. Its a very plaecent stroll.

More info:


On main street we found two nice cafes:

“Triumph” cafe with good service, good coffee and tea and yummy toast (I tried the brie and jam and was really good, big portions of bread with also a few pieces of raspberries and strawberries). Its a big and comfortable area with a few kids toys, separate book room and wifi, its a spacious area for working.

“Beanscene coffee house” a cute-original caf'e with good tea, coffee and bakery. Has a collection of antique locks hanging on a net with different sizes and shapes that you can buy. The place is very comfy with a few tables and wifi.


Kalamalka Lake Provincial Park its a area with some easy bike trails on the lower area then if you go up to the lookout there is intermediate ones with beautiful views. All of these are also a easy hiking area.

More info and maps:

Ellison Provincial Park is a really nice park where you have a lot of stuff to do like hiking, biking, climbing, swim, play voleyball and sleep.

The climbing area just 5 min from the parking has sport, gear and a bit of bouldering. You can download the guide for free at

We only bouldered and it was really nice, there is two areas, one next to the lake with a few cool problems from V0 to V6. And then on the other side of the cliff you have an incredible boulder traverse (V4 - V6) with easier variations.

For hiking and biking you have a map that shows 15 km of different trails around.

Then you have the lake with a sand shore, voleyball net, picnic tables, toiles, a free outside shower, …and the camping which I talk about later.


Recreation center $5/shower with hot tub and pools. Check for tonnie days on the website. Or like I said before you have free outside showers at Ellison P.P.

Where to sleep?

- Evely Recreation site, low fee $14 camping next to the lake with a really good access for any type of vehicle. There is about 40 sites, all sizes, with picnic tables and fire pits. There are also toilets and garbage bins all around. Some sites have acccess to the lake. We stayed in one with a little cute path to the lake, it was really nice and beautiful. It's situated on the Okanagan lake off the Westside Rd, about 21 km after the 97 Hwy turn, be aware because the sign is very small, a white sign that says Camping. One of our favourites camps so far.

More info:

- And if you want adventure you have a free camping at Becker Lake Recreation site. Its about 12 km up to a forestry road, surrounded by quads and motorbike paths with pretty steep hills. Not recommended for big Rv, it's better for 4x4, we did it and was a bit bumpy, but it's your choice! Before arriving you have to sides, north and east, you can choose which one to go, both are in front of the lake, not too big and in total about 5 sites with picnic tables and fire pits. (*At 4.5 km take the turn left.)

More info:

-  Ellison Provincial Park, in this area you have a big camp with many sites and paved access to all. It has all the basic facilities such as toilets, showers and water. And because is provincial park it cost $32/night. We didn't stay here but looks ok.

More info:


From the campground Evely to Kelowna instead of going back to Vernon and taking the Hwy we went from the camp straight South. We took the Westside rd, it's a bit longer but totally worthy, you have nice views and a complacent drive. 

On this road you will find Fintry, we stopped here to have a look and we found a small cute town with a big waterfall, it has a nice wooden stair trail all around the falls. Also next to it you have a provincial park campground ($32/night), a day use area with picnic tables, toilets and a very useful water tap to fill you water bottles for free. 


Here the video, enjoy!!