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Travel insurance

Traveler's insurance is a must!!! :) 

Insurance has been a headache for many of us and I would like to help you with that. 

I discovered Chapka insurance, it's a travel agency that has perfect deals for people who are going to start a new adventure.

Chapka has special deals for:

CAP Working Holiday: visas for working holidays. Unlimited and without excess medical expenses. For 12 months it comes out to about 428 euros. They also have insurance tailored for "Holidays and stays of less than three months", CAP Assistance 24h / 24, "Around the world and long stay", CAP Aventure or "Practice, aup-air and study abroad" "Coming to Europe", "Offers for expratriados" ... You can see all online prices without any solicitation roll via agent, you can buy everything online and very fast. The value for money is really good. Keep an eye on the Chapka website and see which one best fits what you need.

Always remember it's worth investing in your own safety.

Happy travels !!! :)