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RV Winter living

Introducing Wayne, Marta and Alex on their quest to make it through the Canadian Rockies Winter together.

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In this episode Marta and Alex take you through the easy and cheap steps to insulation Wayne from the Canadian Winter.

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In this episode Marta and Alex talk about the two heaters in Wayne and vent covers.

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In this episode we give you some tips on staying warm in your winter home and how we take care of our water and pipes.

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Marta and Alex talk about the basic safety devices all homes on wheels should have. 

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Back in early December we were testing the camera gear while putting up our mini camper christmas tree. I couldn't help myself from editing it all together into a little special episode. Thanks to everyone for kind comments and subscribing, we will be releasing more informative episodes pronto!

The basics of life in Wayne! Comment below with any questions you may have. Music:

We always get asked about the cost of living in our RV so in this episode we want to show you how much we spend on our Rv life.

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