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Port Hardy

Far far north the island we stopped in the quiet town of Port Hardy on our way to the amazing hike, Cape Scott. We felt something special with this town, maybe because when we were there it was sunny but we felt pity to see how desolate it was and how much effort the residents are putting in to keep the town alive, which we think has a lot of potential and is very cute, small and with colourful murals all over the place. 


Café Guindo was one of the best cafés we visited on our trip. It features a precious gift shop upstairs, a library/shop with couches to read down stars and in the middle a normal coffee shop. Super nice.... all very well picked, local stuff and good vibes flowing through. Good food, good coffee and good tea. We took our coffees and sat in the library area down stairs with our computers, it was very comfy. Free wifi is also included. The staff were very friendly and they gave us a lot of info about the town. We love it :) 


We hiked one of the most famous routes on the island, Cape Scott, (we dedicate a full article to it.) It was amazing, one of our best hikes ever.... You should go!!! (We were lucky to have had amazing weather also). If you are not interested in a backpacking hike you can also do a day hike to San Josef Bay. 

Cape Scott article

Don't hesitate to stop in the small town between Port Hardy and Cape Scott called Holberg on your way out (or in) to Cape Scott, and try out the popular restaurant, you will really appreciate it after your hike. 

Also there is free recreation sites along the road (60 km until the beginning of Cape Scott) or camp at the nice private camping "Heritage RV Park" (just before the trail parking on your left hand side) where a great man called Doug will treat you like your at home, taking care of your van if you don't trust to leave it in the trail parking. This place only has water and toilet.