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Peachland & Summerland


A idyllic small town right beside the Okanagan Lake, British Columbia (Canada). The Beach avenue is a gorgeous colorful main street, full of flowers, green grass and willows; all meticulously looked after. You have free access to a swim park on the lake, paddle, zipline, ropeswing, diving and parking is free all along the avenue. There is a public washroom and free showers in the community center, it may sound weird that we point these things out but for a Van trip they are very important ;)


Blue Roaster cafe/pub, situated on main street, it's a café in the morning, pub in the afternoon, where you can have a typical Canadian breakfast or a beer later in the day. Good service, comfortable, free wifi and a big patio to enjoy the views. We were here early in the morning working but after we saw a few other good looking restaurants a bit further which opens later in the day.


Free showers at the community center, how great is that??  Check for hours, as they close early afternoon.


Also the community center has a schedule with yoga classes almost everyday for the reasonable price of $9.45.

WHAT TO see?

Hardy Falls, we couldn't get there but they were recommend. Located close to town, easy and flat 2 km hike though a creek that ends in a nice waterfall with a natural pool where you can swim in summer.


We had an unlucky night, we tried to go to a free camp, Silver Lake, it's the closest free camp we found, its about 40 km with a paved road and the last 2 km a dirt with pot holes. Because it was raining for a few days we didn't want to risk getting stuck in the mud late at night, we didn't feel very adventurous.... It was pretty well signed, so if you want to give it a go and let us know how was it, we will appreciate it! That night we slept on the street :) we cannot recommend it because its illegal but that night we didn’t have too many options.

More info:


Another nice little town in the Beautiful Bristish Columbia (Canada), this one is not situated next to the lake (weird!) When we arrive here it was really hot (hence the name) so we didn't do too much around outdoors.


Free camp at Crump siding Recreation Site. Situated at 4 km from Summerland, it's a big really nice spacious camp with about 10 or more sites. Open area with trees around, forestry views and a gravel path that makes a easy drive around, unexpected well maintained camp. The road to arrive here is paved until the last 1 km that is a ok forestry road (active watch for trucks). The info on the website is not updated, totally different from what we read, but you can get the directions, is very easy to find. One of Alex's favourites. 

For more info:


Giants head Mountain, is one of the most familiar landmarks, it can be seen from every location within the community. Its an easy up hill hike where you can choose to do it by a paved road or take the forestry short cuts. It brings you to a spectacular open view of all the Okanagan valley. You can start from the main parking walking or “cheat”, as the locals said, and go by car avoiding the hill to the summit. The views at the top, 845 meters above sea level, are amazing, you can walk around the summit and check for different points of view. We recommend to go early in the morning or later in the afternoon, there is not too much shade and its quite hot.


True Grain Bread café and bakery at main street, a cozy wooden café with a few tables, a couch and main bakery with a great selection of bread and sweet temptations.

Peacok's Perch Pun & Grill, running out of town looking for a shady place to stay we saw this nice pub at the skirts of town, has a big patio where probably will be nice to take a beer and try their menu, if you have the same feeling and you want to give it a chance let us know how it tastes, unfortunately we didn’t have any more patience waiting to jump in the cold water of the lake!!!


We stopped to take the neediest bath of the trip (i'm not exaggerating, we were at 36 soporific degrees) and calmed ourselves down at Okanagan Lake Provincial Park. If you go down to the camping there is a parking area where you can see the stairs down to the “beach”. Cold clear water, rock shore and picnic tables made a perfect stay for that melting afternoon.

There is a water tap just a the parking area. And if you want to stay you have the camping for $35 the night.

Enjoy the video!!!