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Could somebody tell me how terrific Naramata is? Oh dear.... we are in love with this town!!!

Naramata, British Columbia (Canada) is a petit town surrounded by fruit trees. Going up to the town you will be not disappointed with how many winery and fruit farms there are. As much as you go up the views turns more and more beautiful. Like I said, in love... The town has a small neighborhood, with a few nice cafes, restaurants, markets, shops, a big park with willows and lake shore, ah! And a singular special resident, a majestic Peacock



One gem we didn't know about the last time we visited is Naramata Falls. With a not so well placed sign, well, sincerely there is not sign at all... Stop at Creek Park and follow the path after the parking, after a few kms of following the creek you will be rewarded with such an amazing waterfall. Walking just a bit under the waterfall is easy and accessible if you go with caution and don’t damage the environment. Sit there and joy this secret gem.

For sure all the way up to the town you will find a big election of fruit stands, wineries to stop and taste their wine. Follow your instinct and find your favorite one.

This time we just passed by Naramata, like I said in the Penticton post, it was too hot and i'm not friendly with high temperatures so we didn’t do too much this time.


That night we slept at Okanagan Falls Provincial Park but also you have a free camp 18 km from Naramata called Chute Lake, have a look in the Penticton post

Here the video: