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The closer we get to the ocean the greener everything turns, such an amazing country to explore!

Chilliwack, BC (Canada) is a fairly big town with a big choice of groceries, shops, outdoor retailers, laundry, etc. As usual we ran through the town pretty fast and went to investigate Chilliwack river area.


How much would you pay to cook in front of the river with a green explosion of rainforest, curvy mountain views backed by the sound of the water flowing and a hummingbird zooming around you???? We paid just $15 for this magic moment. We are in Thruston Meadows campground, such a great place of peace. It's a simple one with only toilets. We had luck and got a good site next to the forest seperated from everybody. Come early in midweek or reserve, it gets busy on weekends. This camp is in one of the sections of the Trans Canada trail, so from the same camp you can go for a hike. Another of my favourites camps to add to my list! We defintly dont need expensive luxuries to be happy... live simple and you will discover the most amazing details that the nature gives you.

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Our second night we stayed at Chipmunk peninsula campground for $15 the night. Its in the middle of the forest, just a few meters from the rapids. With easy access, a few sites, their respective picnic tables and fire pits, its a nice and chill place to stay too. A little further down the road from here there is a free camp ground with limited spots, normally used by ATV types.

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Both campsites have wood for sale.

On the way out of this last campground we saw a lot of people camping along the road, Rv and tents. You will see the areas and I think you can do it too because its a forestry road? Maybe, we don't have enough info but if you are interested you can figure it out! ;)

There is also a bunch of campgrounds all along the same road following the river, we selected these two for their beauty.


This town offers a lot of variety in hikes. Go to the visitor center or to the outdoor store and grab a free map with all the hikes and camps beside Chilliwack river.

After a few recommendations we ended doing Linderman Lake, called the“crown jewel of Chilliwack”, not a unfair name to this hike at 3.4 km with 215 meters of elevation gain it's a easy hike with ancient boulders scattered though the forest. You will find must do stops by the creek and end up at a turquoise lake with backcountry camping, a good beginner overnight. We were a bit disappointed in this hike because sadly vandalism of many types is evident along the trail. Graffiti on rocks, garbage in the camping, dis-respect to the wild flowers (we saw people removing wild flowers from the park ...) Expect it to be crowded on the weekend... such a pity. 

We regret not doing the other recommended treks such as Mt. Cheam and Elk Mountain. We wish to hear from somebody about this two hikes and post some notes. Mt. Cheam does require a 4x4 to access the trailhead we were told.


A fantastic area for mountain biking is Vedder Mountain, it has about 45 trails with different grades. One of the best beginner trails we ever biked is "Sunnyside up", a joyful 2 km path sublime for learning how to mountain bike. Beautiful forest and very well maintained. 

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YMCA has showers for $3 and free wifi at the entrance where they invite you to stay and have a seat on their coaches or tables, feel free to use it.



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